79 Flying V Body

One of the biggest myths about Jackson/Charvel is that a lot of guitarists out there think that Grover Jackson or Wayne Charvel made the Randy Rhoads polka dot Flying “V”. Grover Jackson andTim Wilson made the white Jackson “V” and Grover Jackson,Tim Wilson and Mike Shannon made the black Jackson “V”, but Karl Sandoval actually made the polka dot flying “V”. However Karl did work with Grover Jackson and Wayne Charvel for about a year or so. The guitar was ordered on 7-3-79 and was completed on 9-22-79. The guitar appeared to be of solid body neckthru or set neck construction, but was actually a Danelectro neck that had been glued to a flying “V” body! These bow tie inlays were simply routed on either side of the existing dot inlays, the pick-ups were DiMarzio P.A.Fs, Schaller tuners were installed and white Gibson Les Paul control knobs were used.There are six Sandoval V’s that have been made to date and no two are the same.There are a couple of Copys that have been made by a late Jackson employee that are very good but they are too large and there are two very early 80’s Charvel V’s that were made that look very close to the original Sandoval V and last but not least in Japan there are a few Fernandez polka dot V’s.These where never sold in the USA and are pictured in a old Fernandez catalog.

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