79 Jackson Flying V Guitar

The Demmelition King V has the line’s classic sharp V-shaped alder body, with a more aggressive edge thanks to its additional cutouts and set up for the low-tuned brutal player.

Features: A new model just arrived from Jackson. Manufactured at 2008 (Jackson started manufacturing this model this year) at Japan. It is the well known King V model with two extra cutouts so it looks more fearsome. It offers 24 jumbo frets in a quite fat fretboard that it is neck-thru body quartersawn made from maple. Also the back of the fretboard is made of a shiny black wood that it makes hand slide really easily. The top of fretboard is made out of ebony. The body is also shining and it is made out of solid alder. As I noticed it is also difficult to get scratched despite it’s luxurious and delicate texture. It comes equiped with a floyd original tremolo with 4 springs setup that it is really easy to change tuning without bridge floating up or down(that is really strange and I don’t know why). Tremolo is originally set up for droped B tuning (that same tuning Phil Demmel uses) but you won’t have problem changing tuning as I mentioned before. It came from the factory with GHS strings 0.11 that are quite strong if you aren’t use to them since more popular are 0.09 or 0.10. The best part of me it is that it comes with a pair of EMG 81-60(81 bridge 60 neck) that is by far the best combination for a King V guitar. Electronics are really smooth despite some times hand is caught on them and turn them off accidentally but not in level to be disturbing when you play. Electronics consist of two knobs (1x volume 1x tone) and a 3-way switch. Guitar is really well soldered and there is no excess noise. Tuners are made of Jackson and they are locking quite good. Only con is that it came without bag but for the amount of money I paid that it is quite normal and I don’t take it as a serious trouble.

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