79 Flying V Neck

Dean Guitars celebrates the Halcyon days of 1979 with these fun filled,  between a Gibson Explorer and a late ‘Fifties Gibson Flying V The sunburst finish flame  The glued-in mahogany neck feels very different from a typical Gibson; using a I purchased one of these recently from Dean to replace my damaged Gibson LP Standard, and it was supposed to be a fill in until I could get enough cash together for another LP…however, after playing this thing often, I have found it to handle easier than an LP, being much lighter, but the tone is just as right on…the zebra pickups are remarkably similiar to the Gibson ’59 sound, and the bound neck is fast and slim like a tapered ’60’s neck…amazing! Light, versatile, and an unbelievable value in this price range. Other guitar makers entries in this price range are at best souped up versions of their starter guitars…this was the most pleasant surprise of the last 5 years for me. Oh, and I should mention that I am a busy player who needs a sturdy platform to rock on…this baby meets and exceeds those needs…I would suggest adding this fine instrument to your axe collection, and use it often!

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