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79 Flying V Custom

The Gibson Custom Kirk Hammett Signature Flying V is an astoundingly accurate recreation of the 1979 Flying V that Kirk toured with in the early ’80s. When you’re as serious about tone as Kirk Hammett, you know full well that Nothing Else Matters. Luckily with the Gibson Custom Kirk Hammett Signature, the dual pickup configuration offers serious power to help you Ride the Lightning of active EMG tone. As opposed to some burst models where the edges only Fade to Black, the entire finish of the Kirk Hammett Signature Flying V has been Blackened in Gibson’s custom shop. Fifty of these stunning guitars have been signed by Kirk himself, and this is One. So don’t let yourself feel forever Unforgiven — with the Kirk Hammett Signature Flying V it might just be you For Whom This Axe Tolls.

Meticulous Reconstruction of a Legendary Metal Machine

Every detail of Kirk’s original Flying V has been painstakingly recreated by the luthiers at Gibson Custom. Starting with a full digital scan of Kirk’s original and ending with a final hand-finished aging process, every step in the construction of each guitar is completed with unbelievable diligence and attention to detail. Not only have original features like the EMG pickups and Schaller M6 tuners been replicated, but so too have all the tiny dings and scratches. Every last element has been replicated down to the gaffers tape on the back of the body, the Stars Guitars-style bridge, and even the tiny screw-holes on the back of the headstock where the original tuners would have fit.

Scorching Kirk Hammett Tone

Just like Kirk’s ’79 Flying V, this guitar includes two active EMG pickups with an EMG 81 in the bridge position and an EMG H at the neck. When you think of Kirk’s signature style, you think of blazing solos cutting through the pounding drive of Metallica’s rhythm section. To achieve the requisite tone, Kirk has always preferred the hot gain of active EMGs which gave his intricate lead lines an extra jolt in the mix. Combined with the classic Gibson configuration of solid mahogany body and mahogany neck, this guitar strikes at the very essence of classic metal tone.

79 Gibson Flying V Custom

The Flying V has a rich history in music of all genres.  When Gibson’s Custom Shop examined “Seven” to create the signature Lonnie Mack  Kirk Hammett explained: “I bought my black V in 1979, and it’s either a ’74 or ’75.

One of the most challenging feats of a major artist release from Gibson Custom is coordinating schedules with busy artists.  In order for a few passionate fans and collectors to know that their guitar has been held, tested and signed by the artist, phone calls are made, flights are taken, appointments are held, sometimes cancelled and rescheduled and so on, until the planets align and guitars meet their namesake for a few minutes together to make sure that each passes muster. This critical and final step connects the owner to the artist in a very powerful, physical way; both hero and fan have held the same instrument. It’s a very unique and exclusive value that stays with the guitar for its lifetime. Shown here, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett stands amidst a sea of reproduction ’79 Flying V’s from Gibson Custom, each a recreation of his own instrument right down to the gaffer’s tape and the occasional ding or dent.