79 Flying V UK

It uses the Series 2 headstock, larger than the time capsule, and has the same look and feel as their predecessors of the seventies.

Features: This is my first review, keep in mind, I’ve played guitar since my 17th birthday, which was 08.01.2010 and still going. Mine is a review of slightly hesitant praise, I`ll try to contain my “fanboy love” of my guitar, and just know that I’ve only EVER played a J&D Stratocaster ripoff (deadbeat thing I destroyed from the inside out) and an LTD Viper-50, damned thing must have been taken literally when it said it wanted to be heavy and neckbreaking.  All my equipment has been a Laney 12W package amp I got with my J&D, after a while I bought a used Peavey Transtube StudioPro 112, then I bought a Laney 120w TF200 (from 94) and for Christmas of 2011 my brother bought me an Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff With Top Boost, which I always use. I have no professional opinions, just slight experience in my 2 years of playing. Now onto the guitar. No idea when it was made, but seeing as I ordered it on 15.01.2012, I’m sure it’s made in 2011 (in Korea), as I’ve seen the guitar at the site of purchase long beforehand.  Where to start. The guitar is a beauty to look at, I ordered the Trans Cherry Sunburst because I’m sick of being labeled a freak with addiction to dark things(no racism intended) just because I listen to metal, the finish looks cheerful and slightly “original” by metal standards(boring wannabe-hardcore, Kerry King style).

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